Our candle products (candles, tea lights, wax melts) are created to with you in mind. We want each aroma to invoke a pleasant sensation for you so we’ve chosen our ingredients to help accomplish this. Each aroma comes with a story to help you immerge yourself in the wonderful world of Little Land Aromas.

We believe in creating win-win situations. That’s why we buy our ingredients from American companies. All of our products are made in the U.S.A.

advantages of soy candles

Clean Burning

Soy wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin. It produces measurably less soot than other waxes and virtually soot free when burned correctly. Soot can contaminate ventilation ductwork in your home as well as add toxic carcinogens into the air you breathe.

Helps the American Farmers

Buying soybean products creates important economic growth for the agricultural sector of the US economy.


Since soybeans are vegetables, soy wax is naturally biodegradable. Soy wax is also easier to remove from materials and other surfaces than paraffin wax.

Long Burning

Soy candles burn slower and cooler than paraffin wax, creating a longer burning candle.

Renewable Resource

Soybeans are a renewable source, unlike paraffin, which consists of petroleum.

Lead-Free Eco-Friendly Wicks

These wicks were created especially for soy wax to maintain a healthier candle.

Soy candles are simply better for you, your family and your environment!

our wax is:

our wax is free of:

Food Grade Soy Wax made in USA Petroleum and paraffin products
FDA Approved, Kosher & Vegan Toxic Materials
Natural and biodegradable Genetically modified materials
Not tested on animals Herbicides and Pesticides
100% vegetable Phthalates



We have chosen fragrances that are phthalates free. Phthalates are a family of chemicals used in plastics and many other products. They are toxic and can cause harm to the human body. We want you to be able to relieve your stress through our soothing aromas without worrying about breathing in toxic chemicals.


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