The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – Book Review

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Nothing relaxes me more than reading a good book with a soft aroma filling the air and a cup of tea waiting for me to sip away at its delicate flavor. Being transported to another realm and playing out the movie of the book in my head captivates my soul. Or reading a thought provoking book that gets my creative juices flowing is heaven to me.

There are times when no movie plays in my head or my creativity runs away from me. It’s those books that are just okay, while taking me a little bit longer to get through them. Not my last book. It was simply irresistible. I didn’t want to put it down until I had devoured all of its content.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have that choice. Well, maybe I did. However, a lot of things wouldn’t have gotten done, like taking care of the children, washing clothes and a host of other daily duties that vie for my attention and are important.

Darren Hardy and the Compound Effect

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy - www.littlelandaromas.comLet’s get real. Anyone who knows me know that I can forget about a lot of things while reading. If I get engrossed in a book, it’s over. I have to consciously remember to do things. Thank God the children will never let me forget they’re there. 🙂

Here’s this wonderful book I couldn’t get enough of: “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. Darren is the publisher of “Success” magazine, which I started reading. When I saw he had written a book (I’m late in knowing) I had to go find it.

My favorite place to look first is the library. It allows me to decide whether I like a book enough to go buy it. If I read a book I really like I buy it. If I don’t like the book or can’t see myself reading it again, I keep my money in my pocket. It’s a wonderful system. Don’t you think so?

Now let me say this is not only a book I am going to buy, but it’s also a CD set I am going to buy. This is something I want to listen to over and over again. And I urge you to also.

The Compound Effect is about understanding how your decisions shape your future. Yeah, we all know that. Right? But how conscious are we when we make every decision in our lives?

Then one day we look up and ask ourselves, “How did I get here?”

Darren shows you exactly how you got there.

Three Friends, Three Different Paths, Three Outcomes

Darren weaves in stories to drive his points home, which helps you remember better what he’s trying to illustrate. One of my favorite stories was about three friends who all did something a little different. They were pretty much living similar lives.

Friend #1 lives his life the same way day in and day out. He thinks it’s an okay existence.

Friend #2 starts making small (and I do mean small) positive changes daily.

Friend #3 makes some poor choices and continues in that path daily.

Now at first it doesn’t seem like there’s any difference in the three friends’ lives. It takes a year and a half before any slight differences are noticed. It takes over two years before you see any real change and the huge gap between the three friends’ lives.

Patience is a Virtue

A lot of times we start something and drop it after a few weeks because we didn’t see any positive results. Then we wonder why, five months down the road, we’re still in the same place we were six months ago.

We start businesses and because we’re not an overnight success we quit. Yet, we will diligently go to a job we hate day in and day out, working 8-16 hours a day – all the while complaining how our lives suck. We won’t do anything extra for ourselves, but if the boss calls on our day off, we’ll go in to work.

The Compound Effect shows you how to be dedicated to yourself and how to make small, seemingly inconsequential, positive changes to move you forward toward something better. It shows you how to capitalize on your daily habits to push you into momentum, surround yourself with influencers and then accelerate your progress.

This books gives you examples on how to profit in every area of your life. Darren gives a couple of wonderful examples when it comes to relationships and being married. He shows you how to find time in your life to change things. How to eliminate bad habits. How to acquire good habits. What it all means to you and your future.

As if this book isn’t great by itself, he gives you some forms to fill out to help you along your journey, to put into practice all he is teaching you.

Time waits for no man. Work with time and become patient with yourself. Your future self will thank you for it.

The Compound Effect Conclusion

I can’t recommend this book or the audio (if that is what you prefer) enough. I’ve told my daughters and friends to read this book. Don’t wait. Buy this book now.


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