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Handmade Lavender Aroma Gift Set in a Beautiful Paris, France Gift Box
Lavender Gift Box full of everything lavender. This gift set consists of: 1 tall wax warmer with butterflies on it, 1 small Lavender Villa body butter, 1 Lavender in France 8-count tea light, 2 Lavender in France soy wax melts, 2 Lavender in Paris soaps, and 1 beautiful life in Paris box that can be reused.  
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Handmade Soap - Almond Guardian - LittleLandAromas.com
Handmade Soap – Almond Guardian

Become an Almond Guardian to defend your skin from horrible invaders.

It’s been said the Almond Guardian holds the key to the mysterious cottage lying just beyond those woods. We’re told the cottage holds ancient oils to sooth and caress your skin. After dipping into the 1,000 year old bath tub filled with these oils you’ll come out with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Now this is just a legend. No one knows for sure if it’s true. However, if you visit the Almond Guardian, he may show you the way to the mysterious cottage so you can learn the truth for yourself.
5.00 out of 5
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Handmade Soap - Charcoal Crusade - LittleLandAromas.com
Handmade Soap – Charcoal Crusade

Join the fight against Impurities by signing up with the Charcoal Crusade.

We traveled far to join the Charcoal Crusade’s fight against the Impurities that have crept upon our land. Like them, we believe in living in a clean land, full of amazing potential to look its best. Up until now the fight was hard, but since we joined the Charcoal Crusade it has become easier. It’s as if the Impurities’ foot soldiers, the Toxin Defenders, are being absorbed right where they stand. One minute they’re there and the next they’re gone. We’re still looking for good Charcoal Crusade fighters. Will you join us in our fight against the Impurities?
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Handmade Soap - King Shea
Handmade Soap – King Shea

Never compromise. Your skin will love you for it.

King Shea was the most beloved king of all the kings Emollient Land ever had. He did what no one else could do - he kicked out the Impurities who lived among them. A previous king compromised his purity for riches and let in the Impurities. It was soon after that everyone developed horrible skin rashes. Then the king regretted his decision. He promised the kingdom to whoever could get rid of the Impurities. Shea defeated them and became the new king. No one has ever had any skin problems like this again because King Shea rules his kingdom with honor and purity in heart.
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Handmade Soap - Lavender in Paris - LittleLandAromas.com
Handmade Soap – Lavender in Paris

When you need a hero to destroy your stress call Lavender in Paris to rescue you.

There once was a hero named Lavender who lived in Paris. Everyone knew how hard it was for her to bloom in Paris. That was her family’s main reason for going to southern France, but not Lavender. She felt she was needed in Paris. Stress rang out from every street corner, seducing its passersby with more empty promises if they would just add one more thing to their to-do-list. Lavender fought Stress. She spread her aroma down every street, reducing Stress’ hold on the passersby. Soon even Stress mellowed out. A Admitting defeat, Stress cowered away. From that day forward, she became known as the hero Lavender in Paris who defeated Stress. Her heroic deeds are still told all over the land. Now it’s time to let her be your hero and breakdown Stress in your life.
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Handmade Soap - Rosemary Marries Mint
Handmade Soap – Rosemary Marries Mint

Come to the wedding of the century and smell the sweet aromas in the air.

The signs were everywhere, “Rosemary Marries Mint Today! Come and join the celebration!” Everyone loved Rosemary and Mint. They brought happy memories with them wherever they went together. And on this special occasion, Mint’s best friend, Frank (short for Frankincense) was there to cheer them on. What could be better than having his best friend stand with him as he marries the love of his life? Nothing! As the final vows were spoken, joy exploded throughout the land. The celebration continued until everyone had made more happy memories.
5.00 out of 5
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