Little Land Aromas (LLA) was birthed out of a desire to share our amazing soy wax melts (tarts) and candle aromas with you. But it’s more than just an aroma shop. It’s about getting you to take time out for yourself. It’s about recognizing that you deserve to be pampered and relaxed, especially after all of the hard work you do for everyone around you.

These aromas can sooth and calm your mind, invoke romance or lift up your mood. Each product tells its own story, inviting you to take a wonderful journey as you use it. Enjoying these precious moments can revive you and give you energy to do more for those around you.

While we may have started with soy wax melts and candles, we’ve quickly evolved from soothing your mind to soothing your body. We’ve added delightful handmade soaps and body butters to nourish your skin. There nothing better than feeling good about yourself, from the inside to the outside.

Browse our products and choose the aromas you need right now for yourself or your loved ones.

Little Land Aromas is about sharing a piece of my soul with you. Every handmade item I make shows you a part of who I am. I love candles and being able to share them with other candle lovers is a joy of mine.”

What We Choose to Do

Our assignment is to walk in integrity before you and our Elohim (God), YHWH (Yahweh). We believe in reaping what we sow. Thus, if we walk in honesty and sincerity we will also get those attributes back from our customers, our suppliers and our supporters.

Our passion is to become a trusted source for healthy products. With all of the unhealthy products out there making people sicker than they have to be, we decided to provide a better solution. We all want what we want, but there is a better way, a more harmless way, of enjoying what we want. It’s our joy to give you that beneficial way.

Our aspiration is to share information to help you make powerful choices towards becoming a stronger person in your body, mind, and spirit.