Love what you do and do what you love!

Meet Dawn, Owner of LLA

Dawn has always been a creative person, especially when it comes to working with her hands. After years of learning one art form after another, she felt it was time to try her hand at another love of hers – wax melts (tarts) and candles. She loves the aromas candles give, but it was hard for her to take some of the strong scents they gave off because of the asthma and being overly sensitive to smells. She set out to create scents she could live with and breathe easier. She found a healthier wax and wick, more soothing scents and containers she could use anywhere.

But she didn’t stop there. She added her love of writing to create captivating stories about each product that intertwines with each other. Each aroma, each story and each product with its design represents a part of her heart. She hopes you enjoy every part of it.

Little Land Aromas is about sharing a piece of my soul with you. Every handmade item I make shows you a part of who I am, from the aromas I’ve chosen to the packaging I’ve designed. I pray you love them as much as I loved creating them.”

Dawn is a big believer in doing what you love and if you have more than one thing you love then she suggests you combine them together to create your dream work. Following this belief she’s done just that. She combines her top loves – the Word of God, being creative, writing, teaching, business, working with her hands, health and graphic design – into Little Land Aromas and Common Sense Wisdom.